Solar Batteries

The advanced lead acid deep cycle solar batteries optimized for renewable energy applications.

Renewable Energy (RE) Series

Technologically advanced lead acid deep cycle batteries, optimized for renewable energy applications such as solar/photovoltaic, small wind, and micro hydro. U.S. Batteries RE products are based on superior technology. 

  • Installers, integrator and consultants rated  batteries as the most durable and long-lasting among  its competitors.
  • U.S. Battery is the preferred brand for installers and consumers.
  • Business and consumer buyers alike rely on U.S. Battery for its comprehensive educational
    materials and live technical support.

* Highest initial Charge Capacity
* Fastest cycle up to full rated capacity
* Highest total energy delivered over the life of the battery
* Ultimate compatibility with a wide range of chargers in the field
* High Charge efficiency designed to Meet the new energy commission
* regulations for combined charger/battery charge efficiency.

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