We are officially distributors for top battery manufacturer’s in USA called “East Penn”. We carry all major types of batteries for different applications like  Marine, Golf, Industrial, Auto, Special Applications, Solar and Renewable Energy. For every need, we have the perfect battery, starter or alternator.

Our well trained and experienced personnel with an average of more than 20 years of experience will support you to find the correct battery for your needs at the best price available. You will understand why we are so proud of our people.

All of our products are tested before delivery to assure the quality and to give a peace of mind to our customer and make sure that they will not receive any defective or damaged battery.

Our facility in 8522 Lee highway, Fairfax, VA 22180, Phone: 703-560-0004 and 8198 Terminal Rd #107, Lorton, VA 22074, Phone: 703-372-1000 are exclusive for the prestigious customers that decide to pick up their batteries.

Are you out of Fairfax, Virginia? It does not matter. We package your batteries accordingly, prepare your proper export documentation and deliver to your freight forwarder in 72 hours or less because we understand the value of time as it is more critical.

Also, after purchasing batteries from us, If you are in need of installation help, we could lend our support around 5 mile radius from our location.  we will be able to help with our mobile support team.. Our highly qualified technicians are always available upon request to replace the batteries in your boat, Golf cart, vehicle, machinery or Fork lift and more…..

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